Adult and Teen Workshops

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This sassy, super fierce, fun workshop will go over all the 5 basic Elements of Vogue (hand performance, floor performance, catwalk, duck walk, and dips & spins). Designed to sharpen performance quality, core strength, musicality, and proper alignment, this workshop is friendly and open enough for beginners and can be modified enough for advanced dancers! All are welcome as we celebrate the culture of ballroom in the vogue community!


Saturday, Nov 6, 2:30 – 4:30pm IN-STUDIO REGISTER NOW

Instructor: Anthony “Ay-Jaye” Nelson
Fee: $20

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Beginning Ballet Breakdown

This two-hour workshop will delve into the fundamental steps that form the ballet technique.  We will explore the names, meanings and musculature behind each of these core movements.  We will also begin to discuss why each of these movements is core to ballet and how they evolve as one advances through a typical class.  When enrolling in this workshop, dancers are encouraged to also submit an email explanation to Danielle of of why you are taking the class, any steps or movements that you would like broken down, and any goals you may have regarding our time together.  This way, the workshop can be tailored to fit the needs and desires of each dancer attending. Email Danielle at:

Saturday, Nov 13, 2:30 – 4:30 pm IN-STUDIO REGISTER NOW

Instructor: Danielle Segretto
Fee: $20

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