Adult and Teen Workshops

Line Dancing Workshop

Line dancing teaches fun, easy-to-learn choreography, danced as a group and in lines. This workshop will focus on soul music, including rhythm and blues and hip-hop. All levels are welcome.

Winter Session 2023
Sunday, Jan 22, 2:00-3:30pm REGISTER NOW FOR JAN 22 WORKSHOP

Instructor: Nykki Sims with Down South Shuffle
Fee: $20

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Argentine Tango (for Pairs)

Join us in a 2 hour deep dive into Argentinian Tango. Learn the various key elements, including: the embrace, simple linear and rotational movement, and hearing the difference between the 3 major rhythms of a typical social dance. While this is a lead and follow dance style, people of all genders can lead and follow (just not at the same time!).  Tango is a very open, accepting and friendly dance for every walk of life.  Dance shoes are preferred, but socks are fine to learn the basic movement.  Rubber soled shoes are not recommended. This class is for pairs; please register both participants.

Winter Session 2023
Sunday, Jan 29, 2:00-4:00pm REGISTER NOW FOR JAN 29 WORKSHOP

Instructor: John Singletary
Fee: $22/person (Please register both members of the pair. Single person registrations are not possible)

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