How do I register?

The easiest way is to create an account in our online store and pay by credit card or e-check. (Paying by e-check saves us money, and we will love you for it!). If you have any trouble with online registration, please email us: info@ninthstreetdance.com


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, AmEx) online (see above).  If you prefer to pay with cash or check, you can bring that with you.  Please note: in all cases, you will need to create an account in our online store for us to be able to record your payments.


Is it possible to join classes after the session has started?

In most cases, yes, we will pro-rate the fee from the time you join. The online payment system will determine the prorated fees automatically.


What should I wear?

You are not alone if you worry about attire. We have no strict requirements as to attire, but as a general guideline, you should wear clothing that you can move in comfortably. Our studio is relaxed and informal and encourages diversity, so please suit yourself! We do, however, offer some suggestions for specific classes:

Ballet: leotard and tights, if you like; tee-shirt, shorts, sweats are fine; ballet shoes recommended, though socks or bare feet will do in a pinch. Bulky clothes OK if you don’t mind that the instructor will not be able to see your alignment as well.

Modern/Jazz/African: same as ballet, but bare feet (jazz shoes are fine for jazz).

Hip-Hop: work-out clothes, tee-shirt, shorts, anything you can sweat in; layers good in cold weather; sneakers.

Belly Dance: comfortable clothing and bare feet, though if you want to wear something exotic that will put you in the mood, please do. Some instructors provide hip scarves.

Salsa/Ballroom/Swing: casual clothes are fine, but smooth-soled shoes are recommended for easier turning; if necessary, sneakers are preferable to sandals or bare feet (ouch!)

Flamenco: leotard and full skirt, if you like, but pants are fine; shoes with a low, stocky heel and strap are recommended. The instructor will discuss attire at the first class.

Stretch/Nia/Pilates: loose clothing, bare feet; socks

Children’s Classes: many preschoolers like to dress up! Leotards, tights, tutus, tiaras are fine as long as they are safe; tee-shirt, shorts/sweats and bare feet also fine. We do ask that children wear ballet slippers if they are wearing footed tights in order to reduce falls. Older kids follow adult guidelines.


Are there really adults in your adult classes?

Yes! Ninth Street Dance focuses on offering classes to adult beginners who want to learn to dance for fun and exercise, and to recreational dancers who want to improve their skills. The majority of students are in their 20’s to 40’s, although we have a significant number of teens and 50+.

What if I miss classes?

You can take make-up classes in any other class we offer during the session, as long as it is age and skill level-appropriate. While we are online for coronavirus, simply mention in the chat that you are taking a make-up and note the original class. You can even take make-ups in advance if you know which classes you will be missing. Sorry, but we do NOT carry credit for missed classes over to a new session.


I’m afraid I’ll be embarrassed because I think I’m overweight/a klutz/etc.

Then you should definitely come give it a try! At Ninth Street Dance, we welcome everyone who wants to dance, regardless of size, ablility, race, gender, sexual orientation, or age. Though we can’t know who will enroll in any particular class, we tend to have a diverse population—”people of all shapes and sizes.” And know that the other students will most likely be focusing on themselves and won’t care what you look like or how “well” you dance.