Ninth Street Dance

Online dance and movement classes for people of all ages, shapes, and sizes.
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Photo by Pamir Kiciman

Adult and Teen Classes

We teach a wide variety of dance styles, so there’s something for everyone. We offer everything from ballet and contemporary to hip-hop and break dance, belly dance and Bollywood, salsa and swing and more!

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Children’s Classes

Our children’s classes are about teaching dance and having fun. We don’t do competitions, stage elaborate recitals, or require additional fees of any sort.

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Can’t sign up for a weekly class? Interested in sampling a few different styles of dance? No problem! Workshops are for you!

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“Coming to your studio has brightened my world, so thank you for existing!!”
— Ali Kliegman, student

“It’s a joy to be part of the NSD family!”
— Jennifer Williams, student

“I can’t tell you how grateful I am for being welcomed to Ninth Street Dance. It’s been my ray of sunshine ever since I moved here.”
— Diandra Jones, former teacher

“Your philosophy that everyone can dance is a very important thing. Plus, you definitely have a real knack for finding the best and brightest, friendliest and most supportive instructors… I find Ninth Street a fun, friendly place to be, and the fact that you have so many loyal, returning students is testimony that a lot of other people do too!”

— Michael Spencer, student

“I deeply admire the warm, vibrant community you have created. It is so important to so many… What a contribution you are making to the world to make so many people feel so welcome!”
— Suzanne Beahrs, former teacher

“Thanks for everything you do. Ninth Street Dance is such a gift.”
— Adam Gori, student