Children’s Classes


Fall Session runs for 14 weeks between Sept 7-Dec 18 (no classes Nov 23 – 27) and registration is now open!

We will need to have a minimum number of students enrolled in any particular class in order for it to continue beyond the first meeting. If minimum enrollment in the full series has not been met before the second class, the class will be removed from the schedule.

Due to space restrictions, single class purchases will not be allowed the first week for in-person classes that usually fill to capacity. This prioritizes registration to students who wish to attend the entire series. Drop-in purchases will be allowed after week #1, if space allows. Thank you for your kind understanding as we tweak our policies in order to support our financial sustainability during these challenging times.

Make-ups may be taken during the 14-week session but may not be carried over to the next session.

Kids having fun

Photo by Shaleigh Comerford

Parent/Child Dance (2 – 3 years)

Through movement games, stories and songs, parents (or caregivers) and their little ones will have a chance to learn more about how their bodies can move, as they explore their relationship from the fun perspective of dance.


Thursdays 3:30-4:15 pm October 6 – Nov 10 REGISTER NOW

Instructor:Nia Galas
Fees (6 week series): $66 parent/child pair; Single Class: $12.50

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Discovering Movement (3-5 yrs.)

In this class, children will explore the basics of creative dance (shape, form, musicality) interspersed with age-appropriate stories and song.

Thursdays, 4:30-5:15 pm, Sept 8 – Dec 15 (no classes Nov 24) REGISTER NOW
Saturdays, 10:30-11:15 am, Sept 17 – Dec 17 (no class Nov 26) register noW  Note: this class begins a week later than session start
Saturdays, 11:30am – 12:15 pm, Sept 17 – Dec 17 (no class Nov 26) FULL JOIN WAITLIST   Note: this class begins a week later than session start

Instructors:  Nia Galas (Thurs), Julie Neumark (Sat)
Thursdays (14 week series): $154, Saturdays (13 week series): $143; Single Class: $12.50

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Children’s Pre-ballet (4.5-6 yrs.)

This class is a good transition between creative movement classes your child may have taken when younger and a true ballet class. Fun movement activities are interspersed with more formal exercises, which introduce the fundamentals of ballet.

Mondays, 4:30 pm – 5:20 pm,  Sept 12 – Dec 12  REGISTER NOW
Thursday, 4:30 pm – 5:20 pm,  Sept 8 – Dec 15 (no class Nov 24) REGISTER NOW

Instructor: Hannah Marr (Mon), Lucy Zhu (Th)
Fee (14 weeks): $154, Single Class: $12.50


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Children’s Ballet (6-12 yrs.)

The Level 1 class introduces children to the basics of ballet in a low-key and fun atmosphere. Some ballet dance experience is recommended for the Level 2/3 class, which focuses more on proper alignment, technique and discipline.

Level 1: (6-8 years)
Wednesdays 4:30 – 5:20 pm, Sept 7 – Dec 14 (no class Nov 23) with Sarah Bowdoin CANCELLED
Level 2 (8-12 yrs.):
Saturday, 12:30-1:25 pm, Sept 10 – Dec 17 (no class Nov 26) with Meghan Antol REGISTER NOW

Instructors: Level 1: Sarah Bowdoin, Level 2: Meghan Antol
Fees (14 week series): $154 Single Class:$12.50

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Kids’ Contemporary Styles (7-9 years)

Not into ballet? This class explores contemporary dance styles through modern, jazz, and improvisation, emphasizing musicality, coordination, and joyous movement!

Mondays 4:30-5:20, Sept 12 – Dec 12 CANCELLED

Instructor: Killian Manning
Fees (14 week series): $154, Single Class: $12.50

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Kids’ Hip-Hop (6-10 yrs.)

Dance like your favorite pop stars! In this high-energy, age-appropriate class, kids will learn fun hip-hop techniques and combinations, danced to their favorite music.

6-10 year-olds: Saturdays, 1:30-2:25 pm, Sept 10 – Dec 17 (no class Nov 26) REGISTER NOW
9-12 year olds: Saturdays, 2:30-3:25 pm, Sept 10 – Dec 17 (no class Nov 26) CANCELLED

Instructors: Amari Jones (6-8 yo) Lee Edwards (9-12 yo)
Fees (14 week series): $154, Single Class: $12.50

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